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Medical Appointment Fees

Driver's Medical-$35.00

Insurance forms-Variable

20 minute appointment (Injection only, prescription refills, etc)-$35.00

30 minute visits (physicals, acute visit with follow up, new mom/baby,etc)-$50.00

Urine drug screen with picture ID-$60.00

Medical procedures (pap only, ear flush, etc)-$35.00

Chronic disease management with counselling and education(include diabetes, mental health, arthritis, etc)-$50.00/30 min

-$100.00/60 min

Travel health consultations (does not include price of medication)-$35.00


Medical Botox for migraine/bruxism(jaw clenching/TMJ) and Excessive Sweating of Hands, Underarms, Feet

$10/U Botox (Consultation necessary to determine individual cost to patient)

(Cosmetic treatments listed under "Cosmetic Services" Heading)

Contract services available at negotiable prices

Fees apply for travel at $0.40/per km for home visits